5 Fashion Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’re probably prepping up to impress your love. (If you are not, better start now!) Whether you plan to surprise her by taking out her on a dinner date or just giving a simple gift, attention to detail is important. And you can’t ignore your appearance. Yes, there are certain steps that are to be taken and a few habits you need to veer away from.

These are a few common mistakes that men should avoid making this Valentine’s Day. Guys, take cues now.

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Play simple and safe

We understand the allure of flaunting a new shirt in a unique color, but at times, too much experimentation can backfire. Stick to your guns and play safe. Do not opt for a color or style that you think is unconventional and whacky. Staying in your chartered territory is always great.

Dress according to the venue 

Whether you are taking your girlfriend or wife to a disco, club, or a fine-dining venue, you have to dress up accordingly. You can’t afford to look out of the place when you are with your girl. If required, do not hesitate to take suggestions on how to elevate your style quotient. However, if you are confident about your style, giving hits of casual chic in your formal wardrobe won’t do any harm.

Be well-groomed

This is important. Whatever it takes to make an impression – be it a manicure or pedicure – go ahead. Also, when it comes to shaving be careful. If you keep a beard, do not experiment and go clean-shaven all of a sudden. It might not only make you look odd but also make you feel uncomfortable. If you keep a stubble, a professional touch-up is good.

Avoid clothes that are a misfit

If you have been working out in the gym, don’t shy away from flaunting the results you’ve earned. Wear tees and shirts that fit you well; the same goes for that denim and trousers – make those lunges and squats count! If you consider yourself a little out-of-shape, opt for structured outfits that camouflage and make you appear slimmer.

Do not bathe in fragrance

Avoid applying extra perfume. Staying clean, taking a shower, and smelling good is important but try not to peeve off your woman. Why use a lot when a little will do?

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